Why Road Trip To Rajasthan is an Awesome Idea?

Real travelers know how to make the most of their journey and not just the destination. And this is what road trips are made of. There are endless options for your road trip because there are no set destinations, which is the whole purpose, let the road take you anywhere it wants. To quench your thirst of wanderlust, and allow us to offer you a destination where the beautiful roads will mesmerise you and unveil the hidden treasures of the history and iconic cultures of our country. One such journey that you can undertake is a road trip to Rajasthan which has a vibrant culture, majestic architecture, exotic food and breathtaking views.

1. A bit of Deserts as well!

Apologies, but there is no way we can separate Rajasthan from deserts. Deserts often conjure up images of an arid and waterless landscape, but it also evokes a sense of mystery and adventure under its endless starry skies. It’s colourful mix of shifting sands, solitude, shimmering moonlit nights and much more that is ever enchanting for a traveler. You will surely get to see vast stretches of desert and believe me, it’s going to be fun. Picture this- placed in the middle of the desert with a very scarce population around to disturb your peaceful scenic time is something you’ll always remember. Driving to Jaisalmer is going to be one hell of a ride with large stretches of deserts on both sides of the road and sand dunes now and then. The heat will test your endurance as well as that of your Car’s A.C. The journey is exciting and is worth doing.

2. For the beauty of Rajasthan beyond deserts

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Rajasthan is a parched land and the vast stretch of deserts. Well, you’ll be surprised (if you think the same) that it’s not so. There are so many beautiful places in Rajasthan that will help you see beyond the cliche beauty of deserts. The serene lakes, the antique architecture, the vibrant streets will definitely make your road trip worth a while!

The charismatic cities such as Udaipur, also known as the ‘The city of Lakes’ is sure to blow your mind with its amazingly beautiful lakes, elegant palaces built of white marble, flower-filled gardens, mesmerizing landscapes, and gurgling fountains. The city is tucked between the hills of Aravali and has been called one of the most romantic cities in India.

3. The beauty of forts that you can only witness through a road trip

Some things are left unexplored and there is a secret way to get through them. For Rajasthan, you can discover the best of places while measuring the miles on the roads. Rajasthan was home to the royal Rajputana dynasty, so you’ll get to see many royal forts and ruins which are a symbol of the royalty of medieval times. Rajasthan is an enticing blend of history and culture, of romance and valour. Its picture-perfect palaces, its quiet lakeside gardens and medieval temples look straight out of a fairy tale. The outlying hills, dominated by the majestic fortresses of Chittaurgarh and Kumbhalgarh, Jaisalmer Fort, Mehrangarh Fort, City Palace, and Amer fort are a stark reminder of the fact that this lovely city was also the capital of a powerful clan of warriors. A combination, in short, of all that, captures the senses, evoking admiration, awe, appreciation — and even, for countless visitors, adulation.

4. You wouldn’t want to miss the exquisite Rajasthani food on the Dhabas

Rajasthan is no doubt famous for a myriad of things and when writing about the place and missing out the food might not be forgivable at all. Apart from its deserts, castles and palaces the food of Rajasthan is also awe-inspiring. The food in Rajasthan is whole grain based and it would not be wrong if we say food is a fine art in Rajasthan. Rajasthanis make soups, curry, snacks and sweets with whole grain. They make Barfi with corn kernel, fresh green gram! Isn’t that surprisingly unique? On the way to Jaipur, you’ll encounter various Dhabas where you can get some really tasty local cuisines. You must make a quick stop at the SHARMA’s restaurant to have some delicious Dal Baati and Churma. Not only great food but you will be treated with the warm hospitality that will make the tiring journey a bit easier.

5. For the exquisite beauty of flora and fauna

Even though majority of Rajasthan’s area is desert it’s been blessed with varied flora and fauna. The forest cover is also quite limited, despite these adversities, some unique flora and fauna can be witnessed. Northern Desert Thorn Forest is the natural vegetation that you can witness in Rajasthan. Bharatpur Bird sanctuary that happens to be on the way promises some great vistas of colourful and rare species of birds. Ranthambore National Park is another treasure from the state of Rajasthan where you can drive through the terrains of Aravalli hills offering the great sights of royal cats. Apart from this, Camels in the deserts remains the obvious delight throughout.

6. You get to see beyond cliche beauty of Rajasthan

Trust me when I say this, there is a lot about Rajasthan that only roads can offer. You might mot even imagive but driving on the highway very different from driving in the city, it’s liberating; the roads are wider, emptier. And there is a thrill in the air of new adventure waiting after next few circumferences of the wheels. ,While driving through Jaisalmer, you can feel the isolation as you can not see another being for miles and miles together. You’ve to appreciate the terrain when taking tunnels that cut between two mountains. You get to see much more than the deserts. You get to see the smooth roads, the arid deserts, the blissful lakes and some unseen sights of flora and fauna. The journey is sure as good as the destination.

7. The sunset and sunrises are blissful!

There are days when you want to get lost in the crowds, and then there are days when you just want to relish some solitude to forget all the worries of life. Want to feel refreshed? Then head to any of the following locations to enjoy the scenic beauty of sunrise and sunset, and to enjoy the fantastic colours that each moment has to show. Sun setting down with the blissful hues of orange and yellow along with the sandy dunes of deserts is something that you will cherish forever in your memories. Take some time to marvel at the magnificent landscapes of sunsets and sunrise from the marvellous forts of Rajasthan. The sights will make your journeys only better!

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